Campbellsville, KY United States

A local business needed someone specializing in Microsoft Excel and contacted my teacher who then chose me as the perfect student for the job because I had my MOS Excel 2016 certification. I went after school to do calculations for a company that had over 400 business partners nationwide. The calculations would have taken me so much longer than it did if I wasn’t able to use the formulas I learned from being MOS Excel certified. Because of my certification, the office staff that I worked for will be asking me for additional help in the future.

My MOS Certification has already helped me in the workforce at a young age. I think that anyone who has the option of receiving MOS certification should do so. Having these certifications will put you above any standard applicant at a job and give you a higher chance of being noticed for employment. That is why I think anyone who gets a MOS certification should go for it.

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