Bessemer City, NC United States


Microsoft Office certification has helped me further my chances in gaining employment. I am interested in the medical field, I want to be a Registered Nurse and to do that I would have to have specific knowledge and skills with the Microsoft Excel program. The Microsoft Office Specialist class and certification course have taught me so much that I did not know, and I am super excited to get the chance to use those newly developed skills in my job and throughout my career.

I would definitely recommend MOS certification! A thousand times yes! This program helps individuals get that chance to grow their skill-set and further themselves in being able to get a job and being able to say “I am Microsoft Certified”. The world runs on all the Microsoft Programs. Jobs and big businesses love these programs, they count on them to help make their businesses run smoothly. I am happy to be able to contribute to the success of a business by being Microsoft Certified.

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