Bessemer City, NC, United States

Mikeala-LailI believe my MOS certification will greatly impact my future. The MOS certification will help me get jobs and hopefully help me get into a good college. When applying for colleges or jobs the MOS certification will hopefully interest the admissions counselor and the person who would be interviewing me for the job. The MOS certification will help with computer savvy jobs. So all in all I believe the MOS certification will greatly help my future.

I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to get the MOS certification. The reason is it will help that person in the future. If someone were to ask for a raise but had nothing to offer there is no way they will get the raise. If someone with the MOS certification asked for a raise there is a better chance of them getting it. All in all if someone asked me if they should take the MOS certification test, I would highly recommend it.


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