Falls Church, VA, United States
Student at JEB Stuart High School

Microsoft-Office-Specialist-Logo-thumb-2The MOS Certification helped me realize that one could accomplish amazing tasks by using the Microsoft Office Suite. I can create mind-blowing and stunning presentations on PowerPoint, and create beautiful magazines and brochures on Word that just amazes my classmates at schools. By having the MOS Certification, I will have a head-start in many things in the Microsoft Office Suite that some people in my school won’t have too much info about.

I would absolutely recommend MOS Certification to anyone that uses the Microsoft Office Suite in school, home or at work. If you want to prove to a professional that you know the basics and the advance “stuff” of the Microsoft Office Suite, you should take the MOS exam and prove to yourself and them that you know how to use the Office Suite. Believe me, it is going to help you in the long-run if you will use the Office Suite.


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