Fairview, UT, United States
Student at North Sanpete High School

Nicole-DayI live in a tiny town right in the middle of Utah. I’d never spent more then a couple days away from my family until I qualified for FBLA Nationals in Word 2013 . Since then I’ve been to Nashville, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, and I’m going to Chicago Illinois this summer. It’s helped me in all of the different aspects of my life. My homework gets done faster and looks better and I can help my technologically challenged family and friends.

I have and will continue to recommend MOS certification to everyone. I’ve helped teach several classes on Certifying in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 and I’ve seen the difference that it has made in peoples life’s.When your certified you have advantages in job opportunities and it helps you complete your school work faster and with a quality that is higher then those who aren’t certified.MOS certification is a wonderful opportunity for everyone.


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