Carmel, IN, United States
Student at Carmel High School

FullSizeRender-1The reason that I even got my MOS certifications was for the purposes of fulfilling requirements for an Information, Communication, and Technology class for school. I didn’t really see a benefit of getting them. After getting them, however, I finally saw that they helped me in my education because I could apply that knowledge when making projects for other classes. In the future, they can help me get an internship or even a long-term job.

I would definitely recommend MOS certification, especially to someone who is looking into or is involved in a career where the skills that come with Microsoft Office programs are key. Although the process of getting certified may seem tedious at first, it’s really worth it in the end. For example, getting your MOS certification may put you above another candidate for a job that is not certified. That’s why I would recommend getting MOS certified.


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