Lynden,WA, United States
Student at Lynden High School

Microsoft-Office-Specialist-Logo-thumb-2MOS certification has made a huge impact on my education and general life. For my future I hoped on getting an IT position but now that I have a lot of certificates it makes this easier to accomplish. My life would not be the same if I never got into the computer apps 2 classes. I refused to give up and I got to take computer apps 2 over and over again because my goal was to become a 2010 Master. Skip forward 2 years and I have taken one test on 2013.

I would recommend it to everyone because it makes your life a lot different being viewed this way. An example is when I got my job they saw I was determined, focused and enjoyed learning new programs. Am still plan on taking test once I get 2013 master in the next week. Once I graduate high school I will continue to kept updating myself with Office. I would like to thank Certiport and Microsoft for these opportunities to impact my life.


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