Clearwater, FL, United States

IMG_3716.fullI had been going on endless job interviews and then once I finished school and got my certifications in MOS, I was able to add that to my resume. I went on my second interview since finishing school, and not only did I get offered one job but the other company call me on the same day and offered me that job as well. Both companies informed me they love the fact that I was certified. I now am working at a great job that I love to come to each day.

I would recommend MOS certifications to everyone and not only for job purposes, but also for common knowledge of computers. excel and word are two programs that are very well known and used now a days. I feel it would be very beneficial to everyone, even young teens. I do know the elementary schools teach the advance classes power point and word. so at that young of an age goes to show you right there how wide spread the program is used daily.


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